Meet Karen

I seek to create the unexpected

Hi, my name is

Karen J Montalvo

Fine Art Underwater Portrait Photographer

My first love as I grew up was the ocean. My father served as the captain of merchant ships, and my uncles had a great passion for sailing. Water runs deep in my family, shaping our lives in profound ways.

Even when I'm far from the shoreline, I now realize that water has always been by my side. As a dancer, it was the rhythmic movements that stirred and crashed, and now, as a photographer, it is the intricate details and the enchantment of creation.

The influence of water will forever be ingrained in me, and I'm incredibly grateful for this beautiful connection.

My journey into photography began in 2000 when I picked up my parents' Pentax film camera. After completing high school in 2002, I found myself at a crossroads, unsure of my path. Despite dedicating my life to dancing, the weight of numerous injuries made it impossible to continue. To pass the time and fulfill my basic course requirements, I decided to pursue an associate's degree in photography. Little did I know where this decision would lead me.

I feel blessed to have commenced my photography journey in the darkroom, simultaneously exploring the realm of digital photography through my work at the campus newspaper.

After years of relentless exploration and expanding my photographic knowledge, I now find myself engaged in the most unexpected endeavor: underwater portrait photography. This unique fusion of my passions - water, dancing, and photography - has brought me immense joy.

Dance holds a significant sway over my artistic vision, as the graceful lines and captivating shapes I seek in my imagery are heavily influenced by my ballet days. Moreover, the realm of imagination and fantasy I delve into directly stems from my experiences on the stage.

In the spirit of my personal journey, I aspire to capture and express your own personal voyage. Each of us harbors dreams and fantasies guided by an internal compass. It is my role to comprehend your vision and reflect it back like a mirror.

I would be deeply honored to have the opportunity to do so for you.

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