Creating powerful imagery

is a beautiful process.

Feel the meditative peacefulness of the surface world float away as your senses are surrounded by the silence of water and your imagination runs wild. This session is for those looking to express themselves in a way like no other.

A session fee of $550 reserves your exclusive session with me on our agreed upon date and time. Wall Art and Portfolio Collection are purchased separately.*


The first step in creating your underwater portrait is for us to connect in person or via zoom (if distance is prohibitive). During this time we will get to know each other and also discuss creative vision, goals, clothing, and product exploration.


If selected, our session will begin with our professional makeup artist applying your waterproof look before sliding into the comfortably heated pool.

Sessions are unlike anything as we explore different shapes and imaginative scenarios underwater.


The first time seeing your images out of camera is unreal. It is always an exciting meeting. We will sit together to celebrate your beauty and select your favorites. At this time wall art and other print products are purchased.

IV. Creation

Once your very favorite images have been selected and the perfect wall hangings and items have been selected, it's time to craft magic. I personally edit each creation by hand and hours of love are poured into each.

V. Printing and Pick Up

Prior to products being sent to production, you will see the final results online for approval and we will schedule a time for you to come pick up. It's all lead to this and your art is now a part of your family.

*When considering budget, an investment of $2,500-$5,000+ for your entire experience is suggested.